Tom Prats

Developer Extraordinaire


I have many ongoing projects hosted publicly on Github


Websites are my bread and butter. For the most part I use Ruby on Rails to make dynamic, interactive websites. I also am experienced in working with APIs, simply put, I can work with technology like Paypal or Stripe to allow your customers to pay online or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube to display your data in whatever format you desire.

Desktop Applications

In Peter Froehlich's classes (Johns Hopkins Computer Science Professor), I made a top-down space shooter game in Python and then a time traveling platformer called Chronos in Windows XNA/C#.

iOS App

As a side project for Traitify, I made an app allowing users to take different personality assessments and view the results. I have many features I am planning to add to it in the coming months.

Android App

For a class (Object Oriented Software Engineering), I worked in a group to make Zombie Attack, a zombie killing app for Android. We never released it on the market, but maybe someday it'll popup there.

Video Games

Besides the games listed in the other sections, I've done a Tetris-like game that can work on an Xbox 360, Windows Phone, or PC. While relatively simple, I created it to gain useful experience.

And More!

I always have a few side projects going on that help keep me up to date in different styles, libraries and programming languages!

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